Abstract classification

Authors are invited to submit abstracts in any one of the categories listed below.
The main criteria in evaluation of your abstract will be its “novelty/innovation” and its “impact/relevance to the field”. Those criteria will be rated by leading experts within the listed categories. If your abstract fits into more than one category, please think about where it contributes most regarding the criteria of “novelty/innovation” and “impact/relevance”.

Focused Session

0a Microscale combustion and combustion-based power source
0b Piezoelectric materials and piezomems
0c Tailored thermoelectric nanomaterials & devices

Engineering Science

1 Energy conversion physics
2 Nano materials for energy conversion and storage
3 Fabrication technology for energy systems
4 Catalysis and combustion physics
5 Heat and mass transfer in energy systems
6 Power electronics
7 Electron, ion and photon sources
8 Nanotribology


9 Energy systems for IoT/wearable applications
10 Energy harvesting devices and systems
10a Electromagnetic
10b Piezoelectric
10c Electrostatic
10d Thermal
10e Others
11 Energy management, system integration and energy aware systems
12 Biological inspired systems
13 Fuel cells, reactors, combustors and heat engines
14 Coolers, heaters and thermal management
15 Motors, pumps and generators
16 Photovoltaic and thermal photovoltaic cells
17 RF, inductive and acoustic power transfer
18 Thrusters and propulsion systems

Power MEMS in Action

19 Power MEMS in Action – Applications
20 Power MEMS in Action – Devices and systems
21 Power MEMS in Action – Novel concepts and approaches

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